Sunday, October 10, 2010


I was thinking how Carmen's story must be started. And I decided to make a short prehistory starting in the Magic Arts University where she studied. It was rather small and old university counting  about 200 students. Every young student was born with a magic spark in  himself. 19 years old Carmen was among of them. She had not got any outstanding abilities and could become the battle mage serving for His Majesty like the most mages. If something wasn't happen.
There was an old basement door under the ladder and it was always closed. She never saw somebody open it. Once she asked her tutor about the old door but he told her he doesn't know anything about. So one night she decided to explore the basement.
She unlocked the door with the simple spell and stepped into the darkness...

See below. It will be some pics before animation because I don't know how to show you such long action in moves:) Don't forget to open this post. There is another picture.

And yes, please pardon my English. It's not my native language.


Anonymous said...

this looks great! can't wait to see more =)

JCD said...

Interesting. Let me guess, to her utter surprise she will find a hard, big, solid, unyielding... wooden TABLE.



Fat Tony said...

JCD, yeah, you almost right)


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