Tuesday, October 19, 2010

prologue, the final part

At last I finished this work! See the video below.

I made this picture as wallpapers for myself and I like it very much :) Later I decided to share it with you.

Now the main part:
This is 9.65 Mb flash video, I have ~3Mb one but it has crap quality. As I don't want you to watch it in bad Q I uploaded the best flash I had.

That's how she gained her demonic magical power.
The End.

And here is a direct link where you can download the whole set named Prologue (full video in AVI and all pictures with Carmen): >Download this<  (15.5Mb) password: x-animated

One more picture, exclusively for JCD =) He knows what I mean. HD by the way.


JCD said...

Yeah !!!

Just remove the ugly gal from the top and it's going to be perfect.

Just kidding, of course. Thanks for the update.

Cheers, Jess

Avo said...

Excelent!! I love your art

Hitman_X3Z said...

It's worthless, that I can not do anything, so how did you do that. You have a really interesting and varied content. Keep up the good work! And let your flow of ideas never runs out! -)

Tony said...

Looking fantastic! Love your characters, the lighting, and your imagination!


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