Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monster appears

Monster appearing is classics for that kind of scenes, isn't it? Of course it is! So I found the damn scaring one.

Does it look horrible?

WTF?! Looks like it was the wrong spell :)

Okay, maybe you're little tired of pics, so in the next post I'll make the animation because monster almost catch her)

Some technical notes: I know it's recommended to make Index of Refraction (IOR) = 1.33 for water, but when I made it legs under the water looked very unrealistically so I stopped with 1.24 IOR value.
I thought to make another picture with monster appearing first. It looked like Carmen looks in the water and sees the monster's reflection behind her. But after few tries to make good and visible reflection I left this attempt. 
I forced to place the black plane behind Carmens back to make only monsters hand visible.


JCD said...

I am diappointed. Where's the table ?!

Nice spell, though.


Fat Tony said...


Hehe, want table? I'll remember it.

Every mage must know this spell))


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