Thursday, October 7, 2010

On the table

We have a new actor, it's table! I'm kidding :)
Probably you've mentioned a jump between the last and the first frames in some my works. They are same in original but my stupid converter makes something with it. I'll find a new one. Maybe anybody knows good converter? I need transform .wmv and .avi into .swf format.

Tip: if any clip doesn't play right click on it, deselect Play and then select it again.


JCD said...


very nice... WOOD, indeed. And it sure looks solid enough to cope with the banging on top, hehe.


Hitman_X3Z said...

Very well done animation!

I only know how conver anything to x264, but i've found somthing through google, it's free -

Fat Tony said...

Glad you like my animations!

JCD, yeah, it looks like it can stay under this kind of actions)

Hitman_X3Z, thanks man for link, i'm gonna try it.

Anonymous said...

Very hot!

My only gripe is how quick it transitions.

It would be cool if you looped like 30 seconds of pounding in each perspective, so we can get a good... ehem... appreciation.

Fat Tony said...

Anonymous, there is a little technical problem. If I make the video longer - the size will increase and it will load for very long.
But I'll include the longer version in archive. When the last scene will be finished, I will share it.


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