Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pirates has some fun with her prisoner

This one lasts 4 seconds. Each second contains 30 frames. Rendering of each frame takes 17-18 seconds.
So I can calculate: (17seconds*30frames*4seconds)/60seconds=34minutes takes all rendering process. It isn't good for me because I must make it at least 5 times before I can finally say that this video is done =)


Hitman_X3Z said...

Man! With the new stard! Cheers! =D

34minutes for poser it's quite fast i must say! Also u can try to use external renderer and set the namber of threads to "physical cpu cores"+1 in poser settings, also pp2010 sr1 x64 works much fuster than x86 version.

Hitman_X3Z said...

And i'm also has bad feeling about that some people cannot post their comments here ^^

Fat Tony said...

Huh? Maybe you're right. But why? It looks workable for me)

By the way it's not a poser, it's DAZ Studio. Although I think that render in poser and daz takes almost the same time. And I ask you, how many times do you render your wonderful images before you post it?

fullytank said...

Nice work! Hope to see more soon!

Hitman_X3Z said...

@Fat Tony
If you use hotkeys it's all looks workable for you! ;D

And yup...i do many test renders before can says - this is final... cuz of this we all need a good skin shaders :D


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