Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The new doll

I have solved the problem with the comments posting. There was no visible verification code field. Now all must be OK.

And I want to introduce you my new character Carmen. She is a mage. Not sorceress, because there is a difference between mages and sorcerers. I didn't feign yet what to do with her, maybe you can suggest anything?


BDG said...

As a mage, and not a sorceress, perhaps a simple spell cast for now?

Fat Tony said...

She is rather strong mage by the way:)

BDG said...

Are You using animation tools in Poser Pro 2010?

Fat Tony said...

No, I'm using Daz Studio.

Aoi said...

Well depends on what your skills are - the renderings are sweet. Maybe you could make her a summoner?

JCD said...


Don't really know, but she is definetely wearing too many clothes at the moment.


Fat Tony said...

Aoi, JCD, you both telling right things. I'll follow your suggestions.


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