Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lucky one

Here's another render. This time with Sarissa.

I always forget to do one thing: my screen resolution isn't square (all elongated) so you can mention that some images are too wide. Some of it are ok but some not. I want to say that you don't see my images as I do. I'll fix it for future works. This one is already fixed.


Anonymous said...

Great as allways!
I like the hair design in particular.
But, correct me if I'm mistaken, could it be that her face is slightly different than in the other pics?
However, thank you for sharing your work with us!

Fat Tony said...

It's sure different. Old ones in 1.11 times wider. Maybe it's not so visible.

Anonymous said...

You didn't measure this, did you? Maybe I should go for an engineer carrier with these estimation skills ;) My memory is definately not worth noting.
Anyway keep up the great work. This image would be a nice start for a whole storyline, by the way.

Azaketh said...

I LOVE how your dark elves are so Lineage 2 like. Lineage is a guilty pleasure of mine :D

joeannie said...

Cute idea ... elevators and sexy chicks :)


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